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Geforce GTX 780 Ti to end up faster than Titan

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We have heard from multiple independent sources that the upcoming Geforce GTX 780 Ti will end up faster than the Titan, and obviously significantly faster than original Geforce GTX 780 card.

The Radeon R9 290X is giving Nvidia’s Titan a run for its money, at least in its noisy Über mode, but apparently 780 Ti can put some distance between these cards.

Since the GTX 780 currently sells for $649 in most US etail stores and in Europe it costs just over €500, we can only assume that GTX 780 TI performance will come at a high price, but with a Titan like cooler that we saw showcased at Nvidia’s Montreal The way it's meant to be played, the card could end up really quiet.

Let's not forget UK etail where GTX 780 sells for average £499.

99 with VAT.

We are not sure if GTX 780 Ti bea...

Kelly joins Ouya as free-to-play expert

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Free-to-play industry veteran Tadhg Kelly formally of Jawfish will join Ouya as its new free-to-play expert.

The move could be surprising to some, but the veteran will be able to leverage his leadership experience to work on helping Ouya get its act together.

In his blog Kelly suggests that the decision to leave Jawfish and the multiplayer mobile space was easier given that the space has become so hard to crack without significant funding.

Escalating costs has become a major issue , but the good news is that he has a lot of problems to work on at Ouya.

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Ghost PC specs announced

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The official specs to run Call of Duty Ghosts have been confirmed by Infinity Ward.

They are not really much different than those rumored by Nvidia a littler earlier this month.

Still the required specifications left us scratching our heads a little bit.

The need for a 64bit OS and 6GB of RAM seem more than a little weird.

It is a given that most people that are going to play this game have more than 6GB of RAM and are likely running a 64bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, but we can only guess that these requirements are to help eliminate support headaches by adopting a standard platform bar for PC players.

Minimum System Requirements for Call of Duty: GhostsOS: Windows 7 64Bit / Windows 8 64BitCPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.

66 GHZ / AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.

4 GHZ or betterMemo...

Steam weekend: Deep Silver deals, Mass Effect 2 and EVE Online 75% off

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Steam is offering up a number of deals this weekend, including discounts on Deep Silver-published games.

Among the series in Deep Silver's catalog that are on sale this weekend are the Metro, Risen, Saint's Row, Sacred and Dead Island series, with notable discounts on their respective bundles: The Metro Franchise Pack is 33 percent off ($36.

84), the Risen Collection is half off ($19.

99), the Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package bundle is 50 percent off ($14.

99), the Dead Island Franchise Pack is 66 percent off ($16.

99) and the Sacred Collection is just $17.

What's more, both Mass Effect 2 and EVE Online are 75 percent off this weekend, or just under $5 each.

Three-month subscription plans for EVE Online are half off until Monday as well.


Battle Worlds: Kronos initiates advance wars November 4

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Battle Worlds: Kronos, the hexy turn-based strategy game funded through a successful Kickstarter, will begin November 4 taking deployment orders to PC, Mac and Linux (Steam and GOG).

Updating release windows developer KING Art provided to us at Gamescom, the mobile and tablet versions are now planned for early 2014.

The studio previously told us mid-2014.
"We're giving the customers a good large game for their money.

We provide free cross-platform multiplayer, a league and – early next year – the free DLC 'Trains,' which contains a new campaign and introduces a whole new unit class," said KING Art CEO Jan Theysen.
The $29.

99 game will also launch DRM free.

Theysen continued, "If enough players support us by buying the game legally instead of pirating it, we'll adopt a no...

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